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Angela J. Ghannam
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Protect the People You Care About with Metro Detroit's Trusted Estate Planning Attorney

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Do You Have A Plan For Securing Your Assets?

The Law Offices of Angela J Ghannam, PLC is unique in its total dedication to families. It’s important to us that your intentions are carried out as directed, and we will craft an estate plan to ensure that happens. Hiring an experienced estate planning lawyer can help ensure the entirety of your estate is properly protected. We will guide you through the process of planning for your future so that you can ensure that your assets and the people most important to you are well taken care of.

Local Offices in Dearborn and Plymouth MI 

If someone you know is in need of help with managing their assets or cannot make good decisions for themselves, we can come up with a plan to assist them with day to day issues, which may include a guardian or conservator. If a child has parents unable to take care of them, we can help the right person become their legal guardian to protect them and their interests. We will take the time to explain all options for you and come up with the best plan of action and execute it faithfully.


What Are The Consequences If I Don’t Have an Estate Plan?

The most beneficial reason to have an estate plan is that it lowers the cost of the probate process. With no estate plan, there can be numerous unnecessary fees- even if there aren’t any disputes. It’s also important to note that a court could potentially take a small percentage of your estate’s value. Another consequence is the loss of privacy, as the probate process could take longer than a year. During this period, your personal information is accessible to anyone such as family member, creditors, organizations and more. Our firm makes sure that there are no delays, unnecessary expenses, or loss of privacy when helping you with your estate planning issues.

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“Angela was flexible with my schedule and available when I needed her.”

“She’s an experienced attorney with knowledge beyond her years. Her personality and kindness made dealing with an awful situation just that much easier.”* J.J.
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